I bring the East and West closer together

John Lin

John is a speaker, a China expert and a platform evangelist. He is a regular columnist at Twinkle Magazine and a former Lead Ecosystem Business Developer and Strategy & Business Developer at bol.com. Since the beginning of his career, he has been connecting East and West through inspiring sessions on Chinese innovation.

As a speaker, John inspires people about Chinese innovations and trends and teaches them to apply them to the local market. He does this through incredible examples and experiences with a touch of Chinese-Dutch humor.  

Inspired customers

China: from copycat to frontrunner

You've probably heard of WeChat or Alibaba, but are you aware of how these platforms are inventing and influencing the future of retail? One thing is for sure: China is innovating at such a high speed that you can question the Western way of innovation. John Lin takes you to China in his lecture and explains the importance of digitalization, among other things.

China challenges our way of innovation

China has been innovating extremely hard in recent years, but doing so with a very different philosophy than the West. Where we are commercially driven here, China is "neccesity" driven. John Lin explains in his lecture what this means for us and what we can learn from it.